Young Adult

  • Seeking Mansfield (Seeking Mansfield, #1)
  • In a Perfect World
  • Rebel Rising (Star Wars)
  • The Seafarer's Kiss
  • The Black Witch (The Black Witch Chronicles, #1)


  • We Have No Idea: A Guide to the Unknown Universe
  • How Dare the Sun Rise: Memoirs of a War Child
  • Radical Hope: Letters of Love and Dissent in Dangerous Times
  • The Flight: Charles Lindbergh's Daring and Immortal 1927 Transatlantic Crossing
  • The Canadaland Guide to Canada


  • The World's Greatest Detective
  • The Seafarer's Kiss
  • The Garden of Small Beginnings
  • When Dimple Met Rishi
  • The Watcher

Mystery & Thriller

  • A Purely Private Matter (Rosalind Thorne Mysteries, #2)
  • What My Body Remembers
  • Silent Rain (Macy Greeley, #4)
  • Bad Machinery Volume 7: The Case of the Forked Road
  • You Don't Know Me